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Below are some of the larger deals and projects where I played a major role, as solution designer, Enterprise Architect or programme manager.

2010 Enterprise Architect, Solution Lead, Business Development $700m deal to provide several Swiss banks with a full banking applications-as-a-service offering as well as IT infrastructure outsourcing services. The banking application is a SOA component based solution combining in-house and third party applications, and allows client banks to run their entire operation without having to own or invest in hardware or software.
2008 Enterprise Architect and Solution Lead $45m IT outsourcing deal to provide a Dutch manufacturing company with desktop, service desk and service management functions. I led the overall solution and wrote the proposal.
2007 Enterprise Architect $18m project to migrate the servers, applications, data and connectivities associated with the client’s two data centres in Copenhagen to two supplier data centres in Frankfurt. I designed the multi-pronged approach that included ‘lift and shift’, ‘swing kit’, synchronous and asynchronous replication, virtualization, and other tactics to achieve the complete migration of all applications and data with no unscheduled user downtime. In the process, the client’s applications and databases were consolidated from 350 servers down to 54.
2006 Enterprise Architect $300m contract extension to provide IT services and multi-supplier management to an Italian energy company. I advised the sales team and constructed a multi-supplier architecture that fit with the client’s vision and was a major contributing factor in their decision to extend.
2003 Enterprise Architect and Solution Lead €1.4bn deal to provide full-scope infrastructure and applications outsourcing services to a large, multi-national Dutch bank with offices in 45 countries. The scope included applications development, applications maintenance and support, wide are networks, distributed and data centre local area networks, data centre management, server hosting and management, storage management, telephony, desktops and laptops, field services, market data and service desk. I was the lead technical person on this major deal – the largest financial services outsourcing deal in the history of outsourcing. I designed the €65m change programme for transition (taking responsibility for the in-scope services) and transformation (service- and cost-improvement projects). Post contract signature, I went into delivery and led a 6 month enterprise architecture project to improve and embed EA practices within business and IT governance.
2000 Solution Designer Designed and implemented India’s most successful online share trading service I designed the solution in the sales phase and then, when we were successful, I made several trips to India to work with the local development team in Bombay. I designed the overall application architecture including which components were to be bought-in, which developed in-house, and how they were to be inter-connected using middleware, as well as how external gateways such as the exchange, market data providers, banking and demat providers were to be connected. I negotiated with suppliers and advised the client on the account opening process.
1999 Solution Designer and Programme Manager Designed and implemented a foreign exchange trading and cash management service for Commonwealth Bank of Australia Institutional Banking clients. This was an AUD35m project with a team of 80 business analysts, developers, integrators, security experts, testers, etc. This project was seen by the bank as hugely successful and profitable.